M2sys Technology Partners with Boriana to Optimize Eastern Europe Biometric Adoption

M2sys Technology, a biometrics research and development firm, partnered with Boriana, part of Boriana Group to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of biometric technology in Bulgaria and throughout Eastern Europe. The partnership joins the biometric technology of M2sys with the distribution network and technical expertise of Boriana.

Boriana will distribute M2sys' biometric readers, its biometric software for the Hitachi finger vein scanner and Fujitsu palm vein reader and hybrid biometric platform, M2sys flagship biometric recognition system that supports multimodal biometric deployments. These biometric technology solutions can be applied to areas such as access control in high security zones and business applications, integration into identification documents, border control and public safety.

The partnership will make Boriana more competitive and fill a void in the market for biometric applications that focus on identification, authentication, security and access control.
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