AMG Expands Technical Support Team with New Hire

AMG Systems announced that Richard Hobson has joined the technical support team. Hobson brings vast technical know-how and experience into his new position with AMG. He joins AMG from a position as Product and Technical Manager at CBC UK, a company in the security industry for surveillance products.

Prior to that, Hobson has enjoyed a long career working in the security industry. He is at the Ministry of Defence as an Assistant Science Officer, with technical/product support roles at Norbain, Initial Shorrock, VCL (Honeywell) and GE Security in Belgium.

“I am delighted that Hobson has joined our technical support team”, said Dr. Alan Hayes, Founder and MD of AMG Systems, “AMG has always been known for its technical support directly from our R&D department. Although 2009 was a tough year in some segments of the industry, particularly in the UK, I am pleased to report that AMG had a very good year within areas such as tunnels, bridges, prisons and highways. As we continue to expand our activities, I am convinced that our customers will benefit from Hobson's knowledge of the surveillance and security industry”.

Richard Hobson comments, ‘' Having worked in much larger international organizations, I was keen to work for a manufacturer whose core R&D and manufacturing is based primarily in the UK, but with a growing customer base. AMG is a provider for analog fiber optic transmission solutions. But, I am also excited to be helping to bring on board new transmission technologies including Ethernet switches, wireless IP and UTP product ranges. I am very much looking forward to the challenge of developing and growing AMG's technical capability and supporting its customers on a going forward basis”.
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