TechRadium Renews Mass Notification Contract for Florida School District

The Osceola School District decided to renew their contract with TechRadium, a provider of mass notification and information sharing technologies. The school district will extend the use of TechRadium's immediate response information system (IRIS).

TechRadium is proud to continue serving the Osceola School District, having used the system in the past. The solution excels beyond other options available in the industry in the areas of security, dependability and technology. It is the ideal system to support the district's 52 schools comprised of more than 50,000 students.

“TechRadium has been privileged to serve the Osceola School District in the past and formed a successful partnership that can continue to grow in the coming years by providing a solution to meet and exceed their needs,” said Ryan Rodkey, CEO of TechRadium.

TechRadium provides IRIS to public and private schools, universities and colleges, government offices, corporations and non-profits, as well as other organizations. The innovative, patented technology sends messages from a single source to an unlimited number of recipients using various communication devices including landlines, cellular phones, e-mail, text messaging, voice mail and more. IRIS has been successfully used in emergency situations including hurricanes, fires and police situations requiring school lockdowns. IRIS has a real-time, comprehensive reporting tool, an assessment tool to easily gather survey response data and an instant conference bridge to gather necessary parties for immediate action.
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