RAPIDGate Improves Security and Efficiency at US Naval Base

Naval Station Mayport is taking part in a Navy-wide initiative to increase security and streamline base access for vendors, suppliers, service providers and contractors through the RAPIDGate Program. The patented program, offered by Eid Passport, provides a year-long access credential after participants pass a background screening process and are approved by the installation. Credentials are electronically scanned and verified by security personnel in a matter of a few seconds.

Naval Station Mayport's previous access process required obtaining a day pass and going through a vehicle inspection, an often time consuming manual process. “I view the installation of RAPIDGate, a win-win for Naval Station Mayport and our partner companies,” said Naval Station Mayport Security Officer, Warrant Officer Charles Mogle. “It will standardize vendor/contractor access credentials throughout the Navy and provide our forces with electronic verification for enhanced security, while enabling deliveries through multiple Entry Control Points, decreasing the wait time for drivers, and ultimately saving the companies time and money.”

The program includes company enrollment, employee registration, employment status validation, identity authentication, background screening, biometric verification and entry authorization for vendors, suppliers, service providers and contractors that are not authorized to receive a Government-issued Common Access Card (CAC).

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