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Cyber Scan Pre-Pack/GCP-7425D
Cyber Scan Pre-Pack/GCP-7425D
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Product Specifications
  • * Bulit in 25 X Optical Power Zoom Camera with True Day&Night Function

    * 8 Tours consist of Preset, Tour, Auto Scan and Pattern. Tour itself can be programmed over 319 functions and Preset location. While moving, each preset can be watched in smooth Vector Scan mode

    * 8 Auto Scan Including Vector Scan

    * 4 Pattern[240 Seconds Memory]

    * 8 Privacy Zone

    * 8 Alarm Input/4 Alarm Out [NC & NO]

    * Variable speed from 0.1/sec to 90/sec

    [Maximum speed is inversely proportional to the zoom ratio]

    * Turbo speed is Max 430 /sec with CTRL Key pressed

    * Programmable user preferences [Alarm, Preset, Title, etc...]

    * BOD[Brown-out Detector]

    * WDT[Watchdog Timer reset function]

    * Up to 999 selectable camera address[4095 Optional]

    * Built in RS-485/422 Receiver Driver

    * Built in Surge Protection and Lightning Protection Circuit

    * Built in Cooler/Heater for enhanced thermal stability