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KTD-4M Series Digiplex IV Switcher
KTD-4M Series Digiplex IV Switcher
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Product Specifications
  • The Digiplex IV is an expandable matrix-switch system that manages video inputs and monitor outputs. It is designed for use in large CCTV systems. At the core of the system is the KTD-440 Master Switcher Chassis, which manages 64 video inputs by 32 monitor outputs. With addition of color-coded expansion cards and an expansion chassis, KTD-440 matrix-switch capabilities can be increased to 512 inputs by 64 outputs. Digiplex IV also offers video loss-detection cards, which monitor video signals and alert users in the event of camera failure.

    Digiplex IV switches video using cross-mapped BNC connections into the master-slave chassis and ribbon cables between the expansion and master-slave chassis. This arrangement maintains familiar system programming and operation, while reducing amount of coaxial cable required for inputs and outputs. The improved, compact design requires 75 percent less space than previous Digiplex switches. A fully expanded system requires only 28 units (49 inches) of space in a standard 19-inch rack. The Digiplex IV system features built-in LED indicator lights, making it easy to monitor system, power, video and switch operations.