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deView's Cold Store Domes1
deView's Cold Store Domes1
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  • DeView presents its unique Cold Store Domes from the VDP20 series that have been designed and developed especially to provide maximum protection in tough environmental conditions. The discreet, vandal resistant housing rated IP66 is of polycarbonate construction and features an impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate bubble. Available in surface and flush mount, it can be easily mounted on a wall or ceiling and offers standard NPT conduits for cable access. The built-in heater is triggered by an internal thermostat that helps protect against extremely low temperatures up to -50oC and also prevents the glass from misting over. The housing operates on 24VAC and integrates high quality colour and day/night camera modules supplied on a 3-axis gimbal to allow positioning in any direction. The cameras come in two versions with a choice of varifocal lenses, either 2.9~10mm or 9.22mm. One features the latest Sony HQ1 DSP technology, offering low light performance and accurate colour reproduction. The other utilises Pixim Technology, permitting the camera to correctly resolve images in any lighting conditions, with an extremely wide dynamic range. Both platforms are available as colour and true day/night. The Cold Store Domes offer exceptional picture quality and are the perfect solution for all environments where a surveillance that needs to withstand harsh elements and cold temperatures is needed.