Product Profile
  • Supplier: IDTECK
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 09/15/2008
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Product Specifications
  • The STARWATCH VIEW PRO is add-on software for the integration of access control system and video surveillance system. The VIEW PRO software can be added to IDTECKˇs Access Control software. The VIEW PRO allows you to monitor real-time video and to record the video from the access point where the event is activated. The software supports monitoring of up to 32 cameras in real-time.

     Video monitoring and management function integrated with access control system

     Easy to be added on access control system software (iTDC PRO I/II, DUAL PRO I/II, LX ACCESS PRO I/II)

     Supports DVR, Web Server and Web Camera

     Multi monitors support (16ch per each Monitor)

     Sequential view available

     Access control event and video image (Jpeg, Avi file) cooperated to provide high security

     Record user defined pre-alarm recording time

     Support various kinds of DVR, Web camera

     Support up to 30fps per each channel (Depends on DVR or Web Server)

     Supports PTZ device

     Support full duplex sounds

     Support Web for remote control and monitoring

     Able to set up for frame rate, compression, resolution, motion detection area, etc

     Easy configuration with Auto search function for LAN connected machine

     User defined map and camera display

     Protection by ID/Password