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speed dome camera GH-S402

speed dome camera GH-S402

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Product Specifications
  • Communication protocol and address code displayed on nixietube for convenient setup

    Separate fan for camera, stable and reliable outdoor running

    Self-check after power on, current information displayed on screen

    System can delete preset position compatibly

    High die-cast aluminum construction, insulating sound and radiating heat effectively

    6inch transparent dome shield for clear image

    Ingenious inner module, separate circuit design, smooth rotation

    Built-in multi-cruising tracks, preset position NO. displayed on screen when cruising

    Returning to original position when resting

    Memory protection when power off

    Rotation speed changed according to zoom rate

    Control stick priority

    Preset position alarm ( with GH-AP44)

    Quick assemble and disassemble, plug connection, two design for video connection

    Pan range: 360 degree continuous

    Pan speed: 0.5degree-300 degree /s

    Tilt range: 0 -90 degree

    Tilt speed: 0.5 -120 degree /s

    Preset position: 128

    Scan mode: two points scan/360 degree continuous scan, on/off

    Cruising track: two, on/off

    Communication mode: RS485

    Power supply: AC24V/50Hz, 25W (heater on)

    Working temperature: -30 +50 degree

    Weight: about 5.0kg

    Dimension: 200(D)X 398mm(H)X300mm(L)