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30 Channels Audio Recording Board
30 Channels Audio Recording Board
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Product Specifications
  • 1. 10/20/30 channels audio input per card, one PC support 4 cards at most;
    2. Compression format: G.723G.729 (optional);
    3. Sampling radio: 8K16K32K (optional);
    4. Can compatibles with WINDOWS98/2000/XP/NT, and have multi-language version;
    5. Multifarious recording audio mode: Timed recording, manual recording, auto recording (be activated by sound);
    6. Can make use of all the audio coder/decoder in the WINDOWS;
    7. Register the additional record info, facilitate for users to do search and backup;

    8. Support listen in scene, as well as listen in or playback audio via network;
    9. User can choose to install the watchdog that can auto reboot the computer after computer''s halt; It will increase the system''s stability greatly;
    10. LANADSL PSTNDDNGPRSCDMA 1X etc. Supported;
    11. Can listen in or playback the real-time audio via IE browser or HengTong remote audio recording software;
    12. User''s remote visit must pass three identity validations: password, IP address and MAC code.