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EDC (Conference System)
EDC (Conference System)
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Product Specifications
  • 》 When turn on the power, EDC 1050 and all units will carry out "Testing function".

    》 Chairman unit has priority to cutoff delegate''s unit.

    》 After turn on EDC 1050, it is preset to open 3 delegates.

    》 No signal input for 30 seconds will cutoff automatically.

    》 Override function

    》 Setting speaking mode

    ’Open numbers of delegate''s unit from 1 to 9

    ’Open Conference mode

    ’Chairman only mode

    》 AUX input ⊙ 4, MIC input ⊙ 4

    》 AUX output ⊙ 2

    (For external amplifier or recording purpose)

    》 Pre-and power-AMP has been separated. It can connect EQ IN, EQ OUT directly.

    》 EDC 1050 can control microphone unit''s build-in speaker.

    》 Treble and Bass volume control.

    》 It has mixer amplifier function which can connect to external speaker directly.