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HDR Day and Night Camera / HDR Camera
HDR Day and Night Camera / HDR Camera
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Product Specifications
  • With 1/3" Sony Wide Dynamic Double Speed CCD, the camera provides up to 470K/410K (PAL/NTSC) pixels with 10 bit A/D Digital Signal processor (DSP). The hyper dynamic range is 400:1 and up to 52dB in highest and real time video output 30fps. 8 preset WD settings are available for various environments. Electronic Frame Integration is form 2x~160x sense up.

    Smart Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF) switching mechanism allows switching between color and monochrome. Beside, the two special functions: IR accuracy and OLPF accuracy help the focus and image more precisely. IR accuracy function provides wivid color performance in the daytime and sharp B&W image with no focus shift in the nighttime and OLPF accuracy prevents OLPF misjudgment under IR illumination.

    The camera offers versatile exposure system like WD mode, Flickless or Normal auto iris. The sensitivity is less than 0.07 lux (64x frame integration sense up) and advanced dual mode resolution from 530 TV Lines (color)/560 TV Line (mono). Outstanding signal to noise ratio is better than 50 dB.

    Other features include advanced on screen display (OSD) control, Automatic Internal/Line Lock switching, RS-232 remote control, Isolated sitching power 12v DC/24v AC, and friendly back focus mechanical structure to adjust C/CS mount.