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IK-6400A Day/Night CCTV Camera
IK-6400A Day/Night CCTV Camera
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Product Specifications
  • The IK-6400A is the perfect choice where high resolution image quality is required in a 50dB, Day/Night camera. The basic Day/Night Imaging Power is Color by Day and B&W at Night with 10-Bit DSP Technology.

    Cope with advanced 1/3" Interlace CCD, the camera provides low light sensitivity to 0.2Lux @F1.0 and outstanding 50dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio.

    Its compact dimensions allow for use with smaller, less expensive housings. Razor-sharp image is 480 lines of Horizontal Resolution. Other features include Backlight Compensation and Automatic Shutter, Auto white Balance from 2,500¡K to 10,000¡K. Sony also provides 3 Year Warranty for the camera.