Product Profile
L3 Thermal-Eye TSC4500

L3 Thermal-Eye TSC4500

  • Supplier: L-3 Communications
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/24
Product Specifications
  • The TSC4500-E (Thermal Security Camera) provides the most advanced image processing and lower noise to ensure better target recognition and longer stand-off range. Using Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer technology, this TSC contains a 4500-E core that provides 320 x 240 picture resolution. And its 30 micron detector provides a real-time frame rate of 30Hz NTSC, or 25Hz PAL (9 Hz Exportable version is available). The field of view options of 50°, 25°, 18°, or 12° support a detection range of up to 3,000 ft (914 m).

    * Enhanced image quality provides better target recognition and contrast for discerning objects of interest
    * Improved thermal sensitivity extends target range and reduces noise
    * Watertight to IP67 rating
    * Fully RoHS-compliant for improved exportability and available with 9Hz frame rate
    * Available optics include 50°, 25°, 18°, and 12° HFOV
    * Manual adjustment with passive athermalized lens
    * Analog output with NTSC or PAL