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Pentax Atmospheric Interference Reduction Technology

Pentax Atmospheric Interference Reduction Technology

  • Supplier: Pentax Imaging Company
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2010/12/07
Product Specifications
  • Description:
    Pentax Imaging Company released its Pentax Atmospheric Interference Reduction (PAIR) technology. Building on the firstgeneration PAIR 01, the PAIR 02 adds an industry first: heat haze reduction.

    In high atmospheric-heat conditions, pavement, sand and other solid surfaces absorb intense energy from the sun. As heat radiates away from the surface, a layer of hot air forms, bending light and results in visible ripples and waves. This effect, sometimes referred to as turbulence or scintillation, can severely inhibit long-range video surveillance efforts.

    The new heat haze reduction function built directly into the Pentax PAIR 02 lens series reduces the shimmering effect of anisoplanatism (heat haze) in surveillance images for greater clarity and increased effectiveness in detecting and observing faraway objects. PAIR 02 technology maintains PAIR 01’s abilities to reduce noise interference from fog, rain, smoke and other atmospheric aberrations, even in low-light conditions.

    Long-distance outdoor surveillance also is often adversely affected by vibration and wind. PAIR 02’s built-in image stabilization technology delivers higherquality images than existing methods.

    Key Features:
    ● Heat haze reductionImage stabilization
    ● Backlight compensation/night image enhancement
    ● Auto focus: Average focusing speed is 4.5 seconds
    ● Simple and easy adaptability