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PE50M medium scale Module matrix switcher
PE50M medium scale Module matrix switcher
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Product Specifications
  • Feature

    ● 16 characters display or not on monitor;

    ● Can extend to 512 inut and 64 output;

    ● Can 16 pcs user passport;

    ● 3 alarm mode, 2 alarm clear mode;

    ● Alarm Response Time Set from 1 to 97 sec;

    ● Auto call camera image while alarm trigger;

    ● Alarm status auto output;

    ●Camera image Jumping Over and Inserting;

    ●32 Universal tour switch, 64 salvo switch,

    dwell time can program;

    ●Alarm on/off time table auto set;

    ● Character status display or not on monitor

    can set;

    ● Can control multiple speed dome and ptz;

    ● it can print important information.


    Input module card:16pcs/128ch, 8ch per input card

    Output module card:4pcs/16ch, 4ch per output card

    CPU module:1pc

    Power module:built-in

    PTZ control :Yes

    Univeral tour switch:32

    Communication port:5

    Local keyboard quantity:16

    Receiver/driver quantity:255

    Character display :16

    Alarm set mode:3

    Alarm display mode:2

    Alarm clear mode:2

    Salvo Sync switch:64


    Print function:Yes

    Dimension:430(W) x313(L)x90(H)mm