Product Profile
Neocom GuardianT-3000 IR Camera
Neocom GuardianT-3000 IR Camera
  • Supplier: NEOCOM.CO., LTD
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 03/05/2010
  • Click Frequency: 1677
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Product Specifications
  • Features:
    * Triple 1/3-inch Sony CCD
    * Designed for LPR
    * 520TVL for color reproduction and 600TVL for monochrome reproduction image quality
    * Used in all weather conditions and the vehicle details such as color, type, model, occupants, and any other identifying features viewed in one monitor
    * Two-split or PiP display available
    * Motion detection and alarm sensor
    * OSD menu control and remote controller 
    * Weatherproof