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JM 4010 Mini cctv camera housing
JM 4010 Mini cctv camera housing
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Product Specifications
  • (1)Indoor/outdoor application, bottom fasten mode, easy access to installation.

    (2)Compact design, Attractive appearance, ABS construction.

    (3)Blower & heater are available for your need.

    (4)Designed for small-to-medium CCD camera.

    (5)Back-open style, easy access for service and installation.

    (6)1UL-gland located at the bottom of the enclosure which diameter is 11mm.

    (7)IP66 standard.

    (8)The interior temperature can be reduced 3℃-5℃ by the sunshield.

    Input voltage: AC 24V AC220V DC12V 50/60HZ

    Input power: Heater: 10W Fan:Blower 1.5W

    Operation temperature: -25℃50℃ (With heater, adapt for -35℃)

    Material: Construction : ABS Plastic

    Dimension of the window: φ62mm

    Max camera & lens: 185*80*70mm

    Dimension of outline: 307(L) *126(H)*123(W)mm

    Net Weight: 0.75kg