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 Luxury Voiced LCD Alarm System
Luxury Voiced LCD Alarm System
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Product Specifications
  • Luxury Voiced LCD Alarm System: DIY, With its uncompromising technology, reliability and self-contained architecture, Easy to learn, Easy to use. Wired and wireless compatible work with all kinds of detectors, 8 group zones with 44 wireless detectors and 7 wired detectors, Zone number and detector number indicated on control panel. Blue LCD display, Digital voice respone; 2-way voice monitoring(communication); 12-seconds voice message recorded, Have a built-in siren & rechargeable battery; Automatically dail 4 private telephones and 2 alarm center telephones when danger; Every zone type can be seperately programmed; Can be armed/disarmed /monitored outside; Watchdog (Inactivity alarm) & Door bell function; Compatible with format of communication: ADEMCO CONTACT ID