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DW6800 TCP/IP Network Access Control
DW6800 TCP/IP Network Access Control
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Product Specifications
  • High-performance ARM processors, high-capacity DataFlash and ferroelectric memory enable the DW6800 to save power-down data for more than 10 years. The DW6800 also provides 80 megabytes of memory and dynamic distribution. It supports TCP/IP, RS485 and RS232 as well as enjoying automatic adaptation to Wiegand and RS485 card readers, while supporting fingerprint, palm and iris biometric devices. The DW6800 also offers simultaneous support of access and burglar alarms; moreover, the product features cross-controller multi-door interlocking to prevent criminals from following employees through entrances, multiple door opening methods, main and access cards, user numbers, card read frequency limitations, time range, holiday control, authority auto shift and remote confirmation.