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Flexiguard Fence
Flexiguard Fence
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Product Specifications
  • The system consists of a sensor cable which is attached to your existing or new security fence. It follows the contours of the perimeter so there is no loss of site usage. The Flexiguard fence system provides true perimeter detection by detecting the intruder before they enter your property. This gives the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) an early warning of an attack on your property. The Flexiguard system has achieved impressive results during rigorous and extensive testing by Military and Government test agencies. This means the system can be used with confidence on any type of site, from the simplest to the most complex site.

    Key Features:

     Can be fitted to existing or new fence

     High detection rate

     Can be used with CCTV cameras/Access control

     Audio verification capability

     Visually unobtrusive

     Easy to maintain