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K32IRF 2-Way Wireless Fixed LCD Keypad
K32IRF 2-Way Wireless Fixed LCD Keypad
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Product Specifications
  • This new keypad can fully operate using 2 "AA" alkaline batteries. To extend battery life the keypad goes into sleep mode after 20 seconds, but remains in continuous synchronization with the control panel. This enables the K32IRF to automatically wake up upon an entry delay or an alarm to provide full functionality (system status, zone display and buzzer). The K32IRF is a true wireless keypad providing real-time status and system programming using only battery power. If needed, the K32IRF also has the 6Vdc power adaptor input (PA6) that when connected will deactivate the keypad''s sleep mode.

    The K32IRF supports StayD and can display the arming status (Away, Sleep, Stay and Off) of both partitions as well as all 32 zones of the system. It can also display system troubles, bypassed zones and alarms in memory. The K32IRF is in-field firmware upgradeable and can be used to fully program the control panel.