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JR Security Systems

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  • The 10-zone control panel is expandable to 16-zones by doubling. It has 16 codes for arming/disarming with hour functions and control of access to four areas. Local and remote download are enabled, with back up of events. It has memory for 256 events, with date and hour displayed on a keypad or by computer. The two principal outputs are supervised by MOSFET, with two PGM and four wireless relays. Remote control is done by DTMF. The Communicator to the Central Station comes with most standard protocols, including Contact ID. The communicator uses tones to reach up to two private phones, with detection of cut or wrong telephone lines. Functions of the telephonic split are compatible with the keypads: JR-Joker 16, JR-Joker 16 TCL and JR Jaguar. It supports the following GSM/GPRS modules: Centrum LITE-and PRO with all loans of SMS and remote control by SMS. It is available for wireless 868 Mhz narrow band (JR Wireless 16).