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Intrusion Detection For Agricultural  Fish Farming
Intrusion Detection For Agricultural Fish Farming
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  • Chilean salmon farm enhances security with ioimage video analytics * Published on 14 May 2008*

    ioimage, the pioneer of intelligent video appliances designed for simplicity, announced recently that Trusal S.A., a leader in the Chilean aquaculture industry, has implemented ioimage video analytics to protect its salmon pools in Puerto Montt from threats approaching from sea and land.

    The second largest producer of farmed salmon after Norway, Chile experiences up to $2 million a year in theft of salmon and salmon eggs. With 28 salmon pools and a total perimeter of 8,000 square meters, Trusal runs one of the country''s major fish farms and was suffering significant losses from intruders, fishing boats and predators. Since installing ioimage''s video analytics, thefts have been reduced by 75 percent and manpower by 30 percent.

    Several logistical issues had to be taken into consideration in ??ing an effective security system that would also minimize the incidence of false alarms. "The layout of the sprawling property makes a perimeter fence unfeasible," said partner and installer Andres Dieterich, Project Manager of Technology &amp?Famp?Famp?Famp?F Systems. "The solution had to be capable of detecting intrusion by boats and unauthorized persons, while differentiating between marine predators and harmless small animals entering the perimeter." Since surveillance was to be carried out over both land and sea, variable environmental factors such as precipitation and wind velocity needed to be addressed as well.

    "ioimage offered the only solution that could deal with all of these problems with a single installation," said Dieterich. "It gives us a high level of security in a complex setting with an exceptionally low false alarm rate. Some salmon farms utilize radar technology, which is ineffective without video verification. The ioimage system has reduced the need for operator attention to a monitor, enabling security staff to attend to other functions. In addition, installation was easy and the service has been excellent."

    "We are pleased to have been able to provide Trusal with a solution tailored to their multifaceted needs," said Dvir Doron, VP Marketing at ioimage. "This project exemplifies how ioimage video analytics can efficiently and cost-effectively respond to challenging outdoor scenarios."