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Control Panel  (AL-238T)
Control Panel (AL-238T)
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Product Specifications

    AL-236T/238T/2316T control panel is design for professional application in intelligent community, intelligent building, bank, station, airport, school or some other commercial or residential locations, providing maximum flexibility for variable environment. They accommodate a wide range of partitioning schemes and detection devices, including fire, motion, acoustic, glassbreak detecor and so on. Besides, AL-236T/238T/2316T control panel is easy to install with a full range of accessories designed for performance and durability. AL2366 wireless module, AL2388 relay association module, AL-GPRS9000 GPRS Short Message Module and AL-IP8000/23 LAN Module will allow you to experience the convenience brought by the innovative technology.

    . Feature:

    . 6/8/16 wired zones

    . Integrated phone number dialer

    . Compatible with 6-zone wireless module

    . Connected to central station by LAN, GSM, PSTN

    . RF remote controller available

    . Multi-protocol like 4+2,CFSK supportable

    . 8-zone relay association module optional

    . 8 user combinations and 1 installer combination

    . GPRS short message module optional

    . Programming with keypad and remote programming

    . LAN Module optional

    . Lightningproof circuits