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  • Main Features :

    *High immunity to false alarms due to fully digital & secure transmission, checksum error detection and high immunity from electrical noise.( unique ESP protocol )

    *Quick response to fire signals of a wide variety of flammable materials due to the ultra flat response characteristics of the Hochiki detectors. This high performance chamber technology in all the photoelectric smoke detectors and sensors allows reacting to a wider range of types of fire than ordinary sensors. The unique Hochiki flat response smoke sensors provide accurate detection there where competition is held to use the more expensive multi-sensors.

    *Quicker fault finding

    *Automatic Recalibration. The sensors can adjust their sensitivity to compensate for any gradual contamination

    *Leading design sensor technology. Very appreciated by architects

    *All products designed according EN54 and certified EN54,Baseefa,LPCB,VdS,NF,BOSEC,...

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