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200 Series Intelligent Low Profile Plug-in Detectors
200 Series Intelligent Low Profile Plug-in Detectors
  • Supplier: System Sensor
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 04/11/2007
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Product Specifications
  • System Sensor 200 Series intelligent plug-in smoke detectors with integral communication

    provide features that surpass conventional detectors. Detector sensitivity can be programmed

    in the control panel software. Sensitivity is continuously monitored and reported to the panel.

    Point ID capability allows each detectorˇs address to be set with decade address switches,

    providing exact detector locations for selective maintenance when chamber contamination

    reaches an unacceptable level.

    Model 2251B photoelectric detectorˇs unique optical sensing chamber is engineered to sense

    smoke produced by a wide range of combustion sources. Dual electronic thermistors add 135F

    fixed temperature thermal sensing on the 2251TB.

    Model 2251TMB is a photoelectric smoke detector with supplementary 135F thermal. Also

    known as Acclimate, it uses advanced on-board software to combine the signals from the photo

    and thermal elements. This software creates a true multicriteria detector capable of rejecting nuisance sources, but still responding quickly to real fires. Acclimate has the capability of adjusting its sensitivity according to the type of environment that it is installed in.

    Model 1251B ionization detector incorporates a unique single source, dual chamber design to

    respond quickly and dependably to a broad range of fires.

    Models 5251B and 5251RB use an innovative thermistor sensing circuit to produce 135F fixed

    and rate-of-rise thermal detection in a low profile package. Model 5251H provides fixed high

    temperature detection at 190oF. These thermal detectors provide cost effective, intelligent property protection in a variety of applications.