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eLAN VF1000 2-Loop Lite-Single or Network Panel
eLAN VF1000 2-Loop Lite-Single or Network Panel
  • Supplier: asmag
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 04/04/2007
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Product Specifications
  • The VF1000 Lite is an analog addressable FACP that supports 2 loops with a total of 254 points. The eLAN Lite is fire alarm panel available in both red and charcoal. This panel can be configured with various communication cards, VF1021 includes the Media Gateway, VF1023 includes the Modem/DACT or VF1022 includes the NIC (Network Interface Card) to support central station monitoring, Virtual Panel, or networking. It can be configured as a stand alone panel with just a few devices for a small building or can be part of a network with a total of 127 nodes serving a multiple building campus or a very large facility.

     Multi-loop (2); analog-addressable

     127 primary points per loop - 254 primary points per panel

     Network up to 127 nodes uses standard, Cat 5 Cabling

     Auto-learn capabilities

     Configurable through keypad or remotely, via eSP

     Programmable outputs on SLC loop

     Programmable Function button on front display

     Fire Drill button on front display

     5 Programmable Relays

     3 Programmable Inputs

     Day and night sensitivity settings

     LCD Display: 8x40

     Programmable Notification Circuits: 2

     Outputs programmable as Continuous, March, Temporal

     Zones: 500

     Program as AND, OR, or Any Two (Cross Zone)

     Access levels: 3

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