Product Profile
WL30 - (WL0300111) Wireless Alarm Control System
WL30 - (WL0300111) Wireless Alarm Control System
  • Supplier: Elkron Spa
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 03/01/2007
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Product Specifications
  • Wireless control unit with two-way communication. It manages burglar, fire and system failure events separately

    Up to 4 freely programmable partitions which can be associated to inputs and outputs

    Up to 18 access codes (up to 6 digits long)

    Event log capable of storing up to 500 events

    Programmable timer

    Sequential self-acquisition of peripherals devices

    System self-configuration

    Optional communicator modules (PSTN and GSM) for: remote system management using special ELKRON modules, various alarm transmission methods: voice, numeric protocols, modem, SMS messages

    Built-in keypad and LCD: 21 backlit buttons (2 line x 16 alphanumeric characters).

    Inputs, outputs, sectors, codes and remote control can be named by the user.

    Wired inputs and outputs: 2 PGM relay outputs, 2 PGM wired inputs

    I/O serial port for PC connection; it can be equipped with: RS232 serial module, USB ¨slave〃 serial module

    Optional memory card connection for system data backup to removable medium

    High intensity internal siren with programmable functions

    Cabinet tamper for opening and removal

    Two 3.6V high capacity lithium thionyl chloride batteries (included) with smart energy management function

    Auxiliary main power option (PS30)

    Radio coverage: up to 500 m line of sight

    Dimensions (hxwxd) 345x240x79 mm