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1486 DTP20 Dual Technology Sensor
1486 DTP20 Dual Technology Sensor
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Product Specifications
  • The new dual technology sensors combine in one device a sensitive microwave detector and a reliable infrared sensor, both managed by the most advanced technology. The sensor is immune from any interfering source that may cause a false alarm, since it is specifi cally designed to work in ¨diffi cult〃 places (industrial buildings or false alarm high-risk zones).

    Sequence of the pre-alarm provided by the two built-in sensors is analyzed and processed to avoid air currents, heat sources, small domestic animals movements or electrical noise sources can give continual alarms. Compliant with the IEC 79-2 ed. ˇ98 Level I.

    Technical features:

    - Infrared sensor double element low noise

    - Microwave frequency 10,525 GHz strip line

    - SMT Circuit realization

    - Range: 15 mts

    - Power supply from 8 to 16Vdc

    - Absorption 34mAh

    - Alarm relay N.C. silent 10 W in series

    - AND/OR function through jumper

    - Sensor inhibition through external jumper

    - Wall installation

    - Antisabotage switch dedicated N.C. contact

    - Operating temperature -10C +50C

    - Dimensions 71x102x56mm

    - Weight 106gr

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