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GSM GUARD 300 Wireless Alarm System
GSM GUARD 300 Wireless Alarm System
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 02/01/2007
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Product Specifications
  •  Wireless alarm system with SMS notification. Does not require a permanent telephone connection.

     Wherever you are, you receive alarm notification via SMS.

     Makes use of the GSM network (via a SIM card in the control unit); you can check the alarm system from anywhere (within the GSM coverage area).

     Ideal for the protection of your (vacation) home, construction project, stables, storage shed, etc.

     Alarm can be activated and deactivated remotely.

     You can switch lights and appliances on and off via a built-in relay.

    In combination with the Marmitek X-10 transmitter SM10 (available separately), you can integrate

    the system with Marmitek X-10 Home Control.

     You can program a maximum of three telephone numbers (for notification).

     The GSMguard300 set includes a control unit, two door/window sensors, an antenna and a siren.

     There is no limit to the number of extra wireless door/window sensors that can be added to the system.

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