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295HFS Hands-Free Sirens
295HFS Hands-Free Sirens
  • Supplier: asmag
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 12/06/2006
  • Click Frequency: 2162
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Product Specifications
  • 295HF and 295HFS series siren will be in "standby" mode awaiting instructions. People can turn the siren on, activate WAIL, YELP or Piercer Tones and turn the unit off from the horn ring. No more eyes off the road while fumbling for the siren controls with one hand. 295HFS amplifier is microprocessor controlled and rated for 100 or 200 watt output. It offers "hands free" operation. Turn on/off and access all three siren tones without removing hands from the steering wheel. An adjustable bail bracket allows mounting in a variety of positions. Each model is mounted on a slide out chassis with an integral quick disconnect plug for ease of maintenance or replacement.

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