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M800ID Menvier M Series Control Panel

M800ID Menvier M Series Control Panel

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Product Specifications
  • The M800ID can be used from anywhere on a property via multiple control panels and is programmable to monitor different rooms at different times (requirements can be discussed with the installer). It is easily adaptable to meet new requirements. Standby batteries are constantly recharged to give at least 12 hours of operation in the event of power failure. Its duplex modem enables installers to carry out routine maintenance and program upgrades remotely.

    It has eight onboard zones that are expandable to 40, a maximum of 16 remote keypads (ARM, LCD, NETLCD and MNETLCD. There are 17 loudspeaker outputs, more than three separate bell and strobe outputs, 16 digicom outputs, 16 digicom channel outputs, a standard built-in digimodem, 50 maximum user codes, a 1000-event log record and 300 or 2,400 modem baud rate.