Product Profile
168 Premier Series Communicating Control Panels
168 Premier Series Communicating Control Panels
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 12/01/2006
  • Click Frequency: 1971
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Product Specifications
  • The Premier Series of control panels provide high-level menu-driven programming via a comprehensive range of LCD keypads, minimizing set-up time and maximizing reliability. Installation is further simplified by a host of innovative features, including multiple terminals per zone for ease of wiring. Where communication of system events is a priority, a wide range of plug-on multiprotocol communicators is available plus full upload and download via Wintex software. The 168 Premier Series has eight zones that are expandable to 168 with 16 areas. There are 100 user codes available, 2,000 event logs that are time and date stamped, SMS messaging, and plug-on and ISDN digimodems. It is keypad-operated as well as upload and downloadable.

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