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SmartEAS Fully Integrated Retail Security Solution
SmartEAS Fully Integrated Retail Security Solution
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  • The Sensormatic SmartEAS Solution offers a breakthrough in loss prevention, allowing retailers to quickly, accurately and efficiently link and use all vital information sources. Benefits multiply quickly when retailers gain ability to link EAS, digital video and POS systems with IT networks. The Sensormatic SmartEAS Solution saves time and reduces operational costs by automating many functions required to collect, report and analyze data. Loss-prevention measures significantly improve because all critical information is linked, captured for reports and analysis, and is easily reviewed. Extensive system diagnostics with automated alerts further ensure optimal operation around the clock.

    No other end-to-end enterprise solution is capable of providing such big-picture advantages. The Sensormatic SmartEAS Solution integrated retail solution gives retailers real-time intelligence at the store, district or corporate level and ability to act on it quickly. This breakthrough brings together key elements required to significantly improve loss prevention, security and operational efficiency.