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XS Nuda Extra Slim
XS Nuda Extra Slim
  • Supplier: asmag
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 11/30/2006
  • Click Frequency: 2890
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Product Specifications
  • XS Nuda features product dimensions that are less than half those of standard systems. The XS Nuda is minimally present at shop entrances. Advanced digital electronics provide performance that is unmatched for this size of system. Specifications are 250 millimeters by 1,550 millimeters by 40 millimeters. It has 100-230 VAC. Detection range is up to 1.90 meters when Pungo hard tags are used, 1.7 meters with Ostra D50, 1.5 meters with five-by-five paper labels and 1.30 meters with four-by-four paper labels. XS Nuda provides smart sensitivity control (SSC) and adaptive background-noise filtering (ABNF).

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