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PB-30HD/60HD/80HD/120HD Twin Photobeam Beam Detector
PB-30HD/60HD/80HD/120HD Twin Photobeam Beam Detector
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Product Specifications
  • PB series, an automatic gain control circuit, and a built-in optical viewfinder. It also provides lightning surge protection, adjustable response time and non-polarity power supply. It supports anti-fog and anti-dew designs, H/V optical axis adjustment and a high level RFI/EMI immunity. The protection range is between 30, 60,80, 120 meters with a maximum beam range of 240 meters. The beam source is from a dual modulation pulse IR LED with a detection method of dual beam simultaneous cut-offs. Its response time is from 50 to 700 milliseconds. Power supply is from 10 to 30 VDC. The detector is IP55 and operating temperature is between -20 and 60. Dimension is 174 by 73 by 74 millimeters.

    Exclusive function: Built in laser beam alignment function.