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Wireless Remote Keyfob 433/868 MHz
Wireless Remote Keyfob 433/868 MHz
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Product Specifications
  • The Remote Control is used for activating and de-activating the Alarm Central Unit. The device also has a panic button.


    Technical specifications

    Dual radio frequency: 868.6375 Mhz or 433 MHz

    Power Supply: CR2032 3V 220MAH Lithium battery

    Low battery Detection

    Battery life: 5 years.

    Code combination: 16,777,216 codes

    Operation Range: 300m in open space

    Operating temperature: -20C ~ +45C

    Humidity: up to 90% non condensing

    Dimension: 65mm (L) x 38mm (W) x 15mm (H)

    Weight: 35g