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EN 54-7:2000  Wireless Optical Smoke Detector
EN 54-7:2000 Wireless Optical Smoke Detector
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Product Specifications
  • Introduction:

    The SD8 is a EN 54-7:2000 approved battery operated wireless optical smoke detector, with built-in siren and operational radio range of 300 m in open space.

    Normal detection area is 25 square metres.



    Detection Method: Reflective photoelectric sensor.

    Detection Period: Once every 5 sec.

    Sensitivity: Meet EN54-7, UL217, BS5446

    Power Supply: "AAA" alkaline battery x 4

    Low battery Detection: 3.6V∮2.4% - Battery life: 30 months.

    Supervision signal: Once every 50 min. to 120 min.

    LED indicator: flashes during RF transmission and low battery condition.

    Low battery indication: LED flashes every 10 sec.

    Operation Range: 300m in open space.

    Operation Frequency: 868.6375MHz .

    Modulation: Narrow band FM, f∮7.5KHZ

    Code combinations: 16,777,216 codes

    Temperature Range: -20C ~ 50C

    Humidity: up to 85%