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EVO96 Digiplex 96-zone Control Panel
EVO96 Digiplex 96-zone Control Panel
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  • Panel firmware is fully infield upgradeable in about two minutes; there is no need to replace the microprocessor. Upgrade is performed with WinLoad V2.70 using direct connection to the panel with the 306USB or DNE-CONV2 module. EVO96 operation and module compatibility remain the same as the DGP-NE96, with the following improvements: increased module number (127 on the NE96 to 254 on the EVO96), auxiliary DC output control and custom default programming.

    Users can activate or deactivate auxiliary output via a control-panel button to allow the system to be serviced without shutting it off. All users need do is press and hold the auxiliary button for two seconds. It is easy to create customized defaults via WinLoad to replace factory defaults when hardware reset is performed; this enables quicker installations.