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anti shoplifting devices

anti shoplifting devices

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Product Specifications
  • anti theft alarm

    electronic article surveillance

    Model : 328

    Multi-End demo alarm for electronic article surveillance.

    Able to secure 1 to 10 objects from theft at the same time.

    Three different types of sensor ends.

    With a Cam-Lock to control Arm/Dearm condition and lock the main body onto its stand.

    Able to connect with three different types of sensor ends to protect various merchandises from steal during demonstration.

    User can stick or fix each sensor end on the display object and turn on the Cam-Lock to Arm it.

    The alarm will be activated immediately when any one pries up any sensor end or cut the wire connected to the main body.

    For protecting cellular phone, PDA, cameras, notebook and other expensive merchandises during demonstration.


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