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Wireless Magnetic Switch
Wireless Magnetic Switch
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Product Specifications
  • ◎dopt low consumption used CPU

    ◎Adopts patented code

    ◎Auto status report

    ◎Tamper alarm

    ◎Periodical report when the door and window is not well closed.

    ◎Typically used in residence/Commercial door and winder opening alarm.

    ◎Outlay enhanced antenna, strong signal intensity and high sensitivity

    Model MC-219W

    Operating voltage 3V

    Power consumption standby≤5μA Emitting current ≤15mA

    Operating temp. -10℃~50℃

    Emitting frequency 433MHz/866MHz

    Wireless emitting distance Built-in antenna:200m

    Built-in battery 1.5×2(AA)