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Mini and Mid Tags
Mini and Mid Tags
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  • Mini and Midi tags are standard 1.8 to 8.2 Mhz industry tags available in black, beige, white ,and gray. Both are extremely reliable, yet, economically priced. The tags can be used in conjunction with any radio-frequency systems or tags on the market. When used with Lanyard, these tags become suitable for protecting luggage, video cameras, and purses. They are compatible with Checkpoint and other RF systems, and feature a high-performance three-ball locking mechanism that is very difficult to remove.

    The tags are reusable, simple to attach, and quickly and easily removed with ID detachers. In addition, tags are made of small, unobtrusive, tamper-resistant and fire-retardant plastic, which provides scratch-resistant, strong construction, as well as wide detection range and extra strength locking.