Product Profile
IO-6000 Universal Ink Tag
IO-6000 Universal Ink Tag
  • Supplier: UNISEN, Inc.
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 07/04/2006
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Product Specifications
  • The Universal Ink Tag can be connected to merchandise in a variety of ways. In standalone mode, tags are combined with locking mechanisms called clutches. The Universal Ink Tag is also compatible with any EAS tag, adding a double measure of protection. With a 41-millimeter outer shell, it is the smallest ink tag on the market. The two ink vials are standard size.

    The tag uses water-based, nonflammable, non-dry-cleanable, non-washable, non-freezable ink. Ink staining ability is unique; the company has obtained a patent for the ink vials. The size ensures that the entire length of the ink vials rests against protected clothing articles, allowing the maximum amount of ink to make contact after being dispersed. The Breakage Indicator Panel on the top of the Universal Ink Tag allows ink to be dispersed in all directions. This panel is also a visual indication to retailers that ink tags have been broken.