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Uni-Guard 58 kHz AM System

Uni-Guard 58 kHz AM System

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Product Specifications
  • The Pro-Guard and Uni-Guard software-driving EAS systems detect 58 KHz acoustomagnetic tags and labels when these enter detection fields. The unique systems use digital-signal processing, which feature self-tuning and laser technology; they operate at higher levels of sensitivity, resulting in excellent detection of up to three meters between pedestals.

    Additionally, they are network-accessible to enable remote tuning from central locations. With optional EAS Net, Pro-Guard and Uni-Guard features provide on-demand statistical and graphical information relative to alarm and tag activity, and other data-mining reports right to your desktop. System upgrades are available through online connections or CD-ROMs. Key features are LAN ports for remote access and plug-play easy installation. The system also offers IR remote controllers and self-tuning electronics that support ports for external alarms.