Product Profile
RCF MU7100 Emergency Evacuation System
RCF MU7100 Emergency Evacuation System
  • Supplier: RCF
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 03/22/2010
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Product Specifications
  • Features:
    * The system has been designed to fulfil all requirements of EN 60849 standard
    * Up to 32 MU 7100 can be linked together in order to get an extended system including many paging stations and up to 256 loudspeaker lines / paging zones
    * The main unit can play all necessary evacuation and alarm messages previously stored into its built-in digital memory
    * The 8 digital internal amplifiers are highly reliable and their efficiency is excellent (> 90%), that means less heat dissipation and smaller capacity requirement for unbreakable power supply sources (UPS) used in security applications
    * The whole signal path from fireman's microphone to loudspeaker lines is completely and automatically monitored against faults
    * Digital Matrix 7 x 8 is configurable for several applications witth routing to any output channel
    * Efficient Digital Signal Processor (DSP): 5-Band Parametric EQ, High and Low Pass Filters, Delay circuit for line array speaker applications, Compressor / Limiter, Level controls are provided
    * An automatic level control facility can be got by simply connecting an omnidirectional noise detection microphone to the inputs
    * Built-in WAV file message player (up to128 messages)