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PERIDECT - Digital Perimeter Fence Detection System
PERIDECT - Digital Perimeter Fence Detection System
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  • The PERIDECT system detects mechanical vibrations on fencing caused during attempts to enter the premises (climbing over, cutting through or lifting the fence). Sensors are arranged on the fencing for this detection - usually one detector (PDS) per fence panel. Can precisely detect the location of a distrubance to an individual fence panel.The PERIDECT system is produced and delivered in three versions: ? Standard version ? Anti-vandal version with increased system protection ? Hidden version for aesthetic requirements or high-risk areas where the sensors are installed inside the fence posts.Fully configurable parameters and alarm outputs allow the PERIDECT system to be connected to a standard security system as a regular detector. The PERIDECT system consists of an evaluation unit (PVJ), to which detection sensors (PDS) and input/output modules (PIO) are connected using a data cable. Each PVJ can be connected to up to 246 detection sensors (PDS) and 8 input/output modules (PIO).