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32 Defense Zones Auto-dial  Intruder Alarm Systems
32 Defense Zones Auto-dial Intruder Alarm Systems
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Product Specifications
  • 32 Defense Zones Auto-dial Intruder Alarm System

    Brief introduction:

    Support anti-decode with remote control

    Digital LED screen show defense zone , users can know which defense zone is triggered

    32 wireless defense zone (1 to 32) and 7 wired defense zone (91 - 97)

    Every defense zone can set independently arm, disarm, delay alarm

    Have the function of “one-key arm”

    User can start “home arm” or “out

    Can set the reminder sound of defense zones, which will remind users to arm the alarm system when going out

    It stores 3 groups of monitoring center and 6 groups of user phone numbers to dial out and play the recorded message if there is an alarm

    Can arm/disarm with remote control or keypad on the host Can arm/disarm/listen-in by calling the

    Have the function of reminder for circuitry failure, for example, if telephone line is cut or short, it will alarm

    Built-in battery can continue to work 24 hours if the power failure

    With international Ademco contact ID, can work with the monitoring center

    Technical parameters:

    Power supply: AC = 220V, DC = 9V

    Built-in battery: NiMH battery, DC = 7.2V

    Static current: ≤50mA

    Alarm current: ≤300mA

    Wireless frequency: 315/433/868MHz

    Wireless receiving sensitivity: 5mV/m

    Outer alarm siren volume: 110dB

    Temperature: -10 to 40℃

    Humidity: ≤90%

    Capacity for wireless device: 99pcs

    Wired device: 7pcs