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GSM/PSTN dual-network security alarm systems wireless
GSM/PSTN dual-network security alarm systems wireless
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Product Specifications
  • GSM/PSTN dual-network security alarm systems wireless


    1. Dual-network (GSM&PSTN) alarm function, alarm information more safe; Intelligent recording PSTN first.

    2. Large LCD screen with menu navigation function, by which users can operate it easily and directly.

    3. Full-function keypad. Users can complete all the operations on the host.

    4. 99 wireless zones and 3 wired zones; each zone can be programmed independently.

    5. Learning code way for wireless detector, each zone can connect with all kinds of wireless detector.

    6. Powerful"Black Box"function, which can store and search 99 arm and disarm historic alarm information.

    7. Can set 6 groups of fixed time for arm and disarm.

    8. Can record alarm voice repeatedly and check it on-site.

    9. Hint the function of telephone line error.

    10. Can control the system by calling-in, such as arm, disarm,

    listening-in and so on.

    11. Alarm first and grab-line alarm.

    12. Built-in high-performance rechargeable battery can make sure the

    host still work when the electricity is cut off.

    13. Use of time-save chip specialized battery.

    14. Hint the function of sending SMS when the adapter is cut off.