Product Profile
Hymatom Hy Track Multizone Detection System
Hymatom Hy Track Multizone Detection System
  • Supplier: Hymatom
  • Region: France
  • Updated: 09/03/2009
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Product Specifications
  • The Hy Track is a PIR detection and location system which offers motion detection and target location. The system is specifically designed for protecting large, outdoor areas. Thanks to its patented thermal detectors, the Hy Track detects and locates any intrusion with a complete, 360-degree vision at a distance up to 35 meters, and follows any movement at an angular resolution of 4 degrees.

    Images are captured by a motorized camera piloted by a thermal sensor. A digital, video-analytic system is capable of analyzing captured images of the area where thermal detection is signaled. With the help of a zero-lux, night-vision PTZ dome, the system, equipped with IR projectors revolving together with the camera, provides complete illumination and coverage of any intrusion. A sensor and camera controller (intelligent video motion detection) then transfer images and intrusion location via IP.

    * 360-degree detection coverage with precise intrusion location
    * Video tracking under 0 lux
    * Video analytics
    * Communication via IP networks
    * Graphic control and visualization of recorded images